PLEASE NOTE - All Ex UK Warehouse orders will incur a 10% goods surcharge at point of invoice. Please click here for more information More Less

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and resulting complications, we are writing to give you an update on stock availability and lead times.

Many parts of the Far East are experiencing further waves of the Coronavirus pandemic with Authorities enforcing lockdowns and tightening restrictions to levels far higher than we have ever experienced ourselves, here in the UK.  Some factories have been forced into temporary closure, either due to virus outbreaks, lockdown enforcement or staff quarantining and therefore, production is either paused or slowed down and of course the protection of their workforce is paramount.  Where factories are still operating, the shortage of raw materials and the rationing of electricity in some areas is exacerbating these production delays.  In summary, our suppliers are facing very many difficulties while under immense pressure from increased product demand as the hospitality and retail industries are opening up elsewhere in the world. 

As if these problems were not enough, there is still no easing in the transit of goods from Far Eastern countries, with a shortage of containers, vessel space and higher demand on these only then causing congestion at both the origin and destination ports, with sea freight rates up 700% on last year and sea transit times now so unreliable… 

The result of all of this is that our UK stocks are now limited and recognising that many of our customers would like orders delivered before Christmas we can confirm that we will be arranging a number of air freight shipments over the next few months.

As you will appreciate, air freight comes at great expense and with sea freight costs having been at unprecedented record highs for many months now, and with no sign of them coming down, we have reached the stage where we are unable to continue absorbing these costs without asking our customers to contribute.

Therefore, we are writing to inform you that with immediate effect, and until further notice, all Ex UK Warehouse orders will incur a 10% goods surcharge, to be added to the bottom of each invoice.  We will review this surcharge in January 2022.

For clarity, all current backorders will include the 10% surcharge and we will do all that we can to meet quoted delivery dates.

We wish we were contacting you with better news and as a valued customer, we assure you we are here to work with you and will do all we can to support you, during this very challenging time…

Please reply to this email to acknowledge you have read it, it is understood and that you agree for the 10% goods surcharge to be added to both new orders and backorders. Until we have this acknowledgment, we will not be able to release any of your orders for despatch.

Please contact for more information