The sun has made an appearance this week and as the evenings become lighter we welcome the joys of spring!

The clocks have changed and lighter evenings are upon us; the presence of spring brings sun streaming through our windows revealing our winter secrets! Now comes the time to re-organise our homes, declutter our kitchens, begin our spring-clean and decorate where necessary. This need not be an arduous task and organising your home is a lot simpler than you think. At Robert Welch we’re starting in the kitchen and adopting these 5 simple rules: 

1. Eliminate the junk

Start simply – dispose of your half broken knives with handles falling off or misshapen cutlery that can no longer be used and remove the items that constantly jam your drawers but that you never seem to find a use for!

2. Clean, maintain and re-organise

A good clean will help you to discover which products you use frequently or which items have disappeared to the back of your cupboard to never be used again! 

Address the state of your knives - do they need sharpening? Do they have the appropriate home to ensure they are protected and maintained over time? Keeping knives stored securely helps prevent damage to blade edges and minimises the likelihood of accidents. Knife blocks with magnetised slots hold the heel of the knife firm and keep the edge from being in contact with the block.

The same goes for your cutlery, care for your products by ensuring they are kept in the best possible state – a cutlery tray will provide stylish in-drawer storage. Made from a satin black PP plastic, holding up to 48 pieces of cutlery and fitting a standard drawer size our cutlery tray features rubber feet to prevent in drawer movement and is a sleek addition to a modern kitchen design. 

cutlery tray

3. Find your style

Perhaps a state of organised chaos suits you better for a kitchen that is lived in and loved – open shelving welcomes the use of storage jars, so ditch the packets and adopt a combination of new and old and mix and match! Mixing styles brings a homely nostalgia to your home and it also looks fantastic.

kitchen inspiration

Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Organise your kitchenware

The key to a calm and fully functioning kitchen is organisation!

As mentioned, safe storage of your kitchenware is vital to ensure its longevity and our knife and utensil storage items are also great design statements. Our Signature magnetic knife rack is perfect for the compact kitchen and has been designed to securely store up to 8 stainless steel kitchen knives. A removable clip has been uniquely designed to fit the rack too, holding the Signature hand held knife sharpener and ensuring you never have to use blunt knives again!

kitchen setting

This looks fantastic when it is hung above the sink, the cooker, underneath your cabinets or on the side of the cabinet door and it ensures safe and organised knife storage. 

Perhaps drawer storage is more practical for you and will keep small hands away from your kitchen knives; made from durable ABS plastic and with 13 spaces for knives, the Signature knife drawer unit is a practical compact stylish solution for safe in-drawer storage. It even has a space to store your sharpener too!

knife drawer unit

For your utensils that take up valuable drawer space our Signature utensils eliminate these problems. With their hook feature at the end of each item, this hook, which also acts as something to rest on when placed on the counter, will allow you to hang it up on the stand in style, decluttering your drawers and making a design statement for your worktop.  

5. Enjoy your home! 

Most importantly, enjoy your home and add your personal touches where you can!

If you enjoy being in the garden perhaps bring the outside in with herbs and planters, or if you enjoy baking, display your delicious wares and must-have ingredients in storage jars. Our award winning Signature storage jars that are perfectly stackable have an airtight silicone seal and are made from fully food-safe, shatterproof Eastman Tritan plastic to guarantee their longevity.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Enjoy organising your drawers, cupboards, workstops and even the freezer this spring, you will feel refreshed and your kitchen, organised and stylish!

Psst… For the foodie amongst us, we have the perfect storage solution for printed recipes and your latest go-to cookbook: our Signature cookbook stand has magnets to secure those little snippets you cut out of magazines and an arm to hold any size of cookbook or tablet whilst cooking!