Celebrate Malbec World Day with us on 17th April 2016

The Background

Malbec has become regarded as the flagship of the Argentine wine industry.  It is a variety that characteristically offers a burst of fruit flavours and is most significantly recognised by its intense, dark colour.

Its aromas evoke cherries, strawberries or plums and in the mouth Malbec is warm, soft and sweet, with non-aggressive tannins. When it is aged in oak, it develops coffee, vanilla and chocolate aromas.

argentine vineyard


As a large, muscular wine Malbec needs time to ‘open out’ and decanting certainly helps with this. Our carafe from the Rummer range is made from hand-blown full lead crystal and features a star cut detail to the base. Why not complement the carafe with our range of wine glasses?


Adopt the a general rule of thumb that the older the red wine, the less time needed to let the wine ‘breath’ as what fruit is left will quickly oxidise. Therefore, the younger, more ‘tannic’ the wine the longer the wine needs to ‘breath’ or ‘decant.’

malbec wine

We’ve spoken to James Richards, owner of local wine merchants Vin Neuf to hear his top Malbec picks:

  • Amalaya Malbec, Salta, Argentina 2014 – it has a small % of Syrah and Cabernet which gives a wonderful lift available for £10.95.
  • Luigi Bosca La Linda Malbec, Argentina 2014 is availale for £9.95 and is our biggest selling Malbec.
  • Bodegas Atamisque Catalpa Old Vines Malbec, Uco Valley, Argentina 2013 is available for £15.95  and has a wonderful richness like a big hug!