Explore the Burford and Oblique bathroom ranges from Robert Welch to elegantly update your bathroom this summer.

Are you dreaming of a new bathroom?

 Many of us wish we could update our interiors but the reality is we don't have the time or money. With the Bathroom ranges from Robert Welch we give you a selection of products to simply update your bathroom as the summer is approaching without touching a paintbrush or paying for a total refit. You can achieve clean classic lines with high quality fittings and accessories and the smallest change can help you see a big difference. Designed to complement all styles, our bathroom items are all made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring they will not tarnish, chip or rust; their durability is key.


The Burford range was the first Robert Welch bathroom range to be launched and has developed into an extensive collection of bathroom fittings and accessories. The range extends from elegant shelves, railing units, wall mirrors and freestanding mirrors to a toilet roll holder and all the essential finishing touches and everyday objects many of us desire to complete our bathrooms. 

burford accessories                                

Burford bathroom accessories have a soft, square shape that complements any style of decor. Made from the highest quality mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, these items are ideal for the bathroom environment as they won’t rust or corrode and make a fantastic gift to a new homeowner or existing Robert Welch customer.

The reflective properties of stainless steel encourage soft light throughout your bathroom, giving a brighter and more spacious feel. Combining the stainless steel with softer materials and textures creates the ultimate relaxing atmosphere with a sleek contemporary twist. Stainless steel is the perfect partner to your bathroom, easily maintainable: simply wipe with a cloth to clean. 


Our more recent Oblique bathroom range focuses on the practicality and sleek design of bathroom fittings. This range includes a number of fitted accessories, which will soon become a statement in any bathroom. Pairing a couple of these fittings will create a clean design-led look. The distinctively angled shape which features throughout the range will complement other designs that you may want to incorporate into your bathroom, as well as different textures, materials and colours. The combinations are endless and the monochrome properties of the stainless steel look fantastic paired with wooden or tiled surfaces and will perfectly compliment an accent or feature wall colour. 

oblique bathroom