In the second interview in a series we sit down with lifestyle and food photographer, Fran Jenkins, to talk all things eating and dining well!

What would be your go-to #EATWELL recipe?

The Cacao bars are delicious - the recipe is easy to follow and super tasty. Nothing better than a healthy treat which tastes like a proper indulgence.

Top tips for photographing food? 

Just keep it simple with your composition, styling and editing. When photographing food at home or in a restaurant, look for the best light which you'll often find near a window. A well-chosen prop, like a spoon or pretty tea towel, can enhance the image and help tell a story - but remember the food is the star. I'm not a massive fan of filters, but I do think most images benefit from a bit of brightening before you share them on social media.

Favourite meal of the day?

It's got to be lunch. I love stopping to refuel during a busy day and will head outside for a bite if I can. Then of course there's still dinner to look forward to. At the weekend, lunch becomes brunch and it's always eggs and avocado. 

Dining with friends, stay in or go out?

Staying in, for sure. Our flat has lovely decking and it's a great place to gather with friends come rain or shine. In summer, we love eating simple dishes of chicken salad or bbqed fish. In winter, we throw blankets over our knees and look forward to the return of the sun.

Ultimate meal?

Homemade Mac and Cheese. I like it with crispy pancetta chunks, roasted vine tomatoes, fresh basil and a dollop of pesto.   

Must-have kitchen accessory?

It has to be a good knife, it will last for years and enable you to make your most favourite dishes. Aside from that flowers brighten the whole house and also make a fabulous prop for my food photography. You can also get some gorgeous edible flowers, which look so pretty added to salads or placed atop a pudding. 

Favourite restaurant? 

I love a relaxed atmosphere and an understated setting. Soif in Clapham is cosy and intimate with a huge selection of interesting wines served with rustic French sharing plates. I'd definitely recommend trying it, whether for a dinner for two or a big table of friends. 

To see more of Fran's work visit her website.